Thomas Jefferson High School Admission Test


Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST, TJ, Jefferson) is a regional, speciality, science high school operated by FCPS. Attendance at TJ is open to students in six local jurisdictions based on an admissions test, prior academic achievement, recommendations and essays. We provide the best TJ Test Prep services in and around Aldie, Chantilly, Brambleton and South Riding.

Each fall, the TJHSST Admissions Office accepts applications for 9th grade admission from eighth-graders who live in eligible areas in Northern Virginia. Admission to TJ is through a test which consists of a standardized mathematics and reasoning test along with two essay questions. Students must be enrolled in Algebra 1 or a higher math course in order to apply, except for special instances where the student did not have the ability to have taken Algebra I in his or her middle school.

Academy Of Science Admission Test


Loudoun Academy of Science is a part-time alternative school program for high school students enrolled in Loudoun County Public Schools. The purpose of the Academy is to provide advanced math and science courses for gifted students in science and technology. As the AOS science, math, and research curriculum has gained popularity over the years, the number of applicants has soared.

The admissions process is extremely competitive for 8th graders who wish to attend the Academy, based primarily on admission test, students' academic performance in middle school, a writing sample, as well as teacher recommendations. The test used for this purpose is PSAT. We provide one of the best AOS Test Prep services in and around Aldie, Chantilly, Brambleton and South Riding which is both cost-effective and results driven.

Teachers at South Riding Learning Center help students prepare for the TJ/AOS Admission test by familiarizing them with the topics and giving them practice through timed, well grafted worksheets.

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