Special Education Program

Special Ed

Working with special needs students requires a level of training that specifically accommodates individuals with disabilities. We have one of the best qualified and experienced "Special Ed" teachers you will find in and around Chantilly, Aldie, Brambleton and South Riding area.

At SRLC, we understand that every child has a different learning style. Our experienced and qualified teachers can identify areas of weakness and work with us to design a program that best suits the requirement of a child. The tailored curriculum is based on assessment results and empirical data. Currently, we work with students who receive an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) at school due to language delay, ADD, ADHD, ASD and other learning and emotional disabilities.

We view our students with special needs in terms of "diversity" rather than "disability". By embracing a more positive perspective, and coupling it with differentiation strategies that build on students' strengths, we can help ensure that our students with special needs achieve success both in the classroom and the real world.